Website accessibility isn't a recommendation, it's required.

The goal of becoming complaint isn’t for the sole purpose of avoiding costly litigation that often follows inaccessible websites. It’s about empowering people with disabilities and providing an equal opportunity.

Below are some statistics that clearly outlines why accessibility matters.

Why Website Accessibility Matters


There's a growing need for accessible content.

Approximately 64 million American’s have a disability, making them potential customers for virtually any business.

Disabled American's have purchasing power.

Disabled American’s have over $175 billion available for discretionary spending.

The elderly are relying on assistive technology more than ever.

42% of American’s who are above the age of 65 have a disability.

WCAG Compliance Website Audit

Accurate, Reliable, Cost-Effective & Industry Leading

Included In Our WCAG Compliance Audit

Everything You Need To Get The Job Done Right

We take great pride ensuring our clients have all the necessary information they need to make their website accessible. You can expect your website accessibility audit to include every website modification needed to be accessible and compliant with the leading standards (WCAG 2.0, ADA, AODA, PDF/UA).

Methodical Approach

Anyone can use automated accessibility tools to test their web content, but not all requirements can be checked strictly with automation.

Automated testing tools fail to:

  • Replicate an actual users process
  • Test against specific regulated requirements
  • Ensure 100% accuracy

At WCAG Compliance Inc. we utilize a combination of automated and manual testing techniques, practices and tools to generate an accurate report that clearly outlines compliance errors, deficiencies, and out right failures.

Ongoing Support

WCAG Compliance Inc. is committed to providing clients, effective and responsive support from start to finish. Making sense of the technical terms and processes involved with website accessibility are often one of the greatest barriers businesses face. Our panel of subject matter experts will help you navigate any website accessibility obstacles.

Unbiased Next Steps

The WCAG Website Accessibility Audit includes an unbiased opinion, suggesting the steps to ensure your customers can utilize your website and that it’s compliant with the leading standards.

WCAG Compliance Website Audit Cost

Cost-Effective & Competitive

Our WCAG Compliance Website Audit costs $2,200 – $2,800 depending on the complexity of the website and typically takes less than five business days to complete. Rush audits can be done for urgent requests at an additional cost.

Exclusive To WCAG Clients

Included Consultation Service

With every WCAG Website Audit customers receive a customized consultation with one our industry leading subject matter experts. Our subject matter expert will walk through the WCAG Website Audit Report, ensuring you have a firm grasp of whats required to become fully compliant.

Support And Maintenance Package

Accessibility isn’t a one time thing. As website evolve, and new content is published there is a constant need to maintain compliance.

As a WCAG Compliance customer you receive preferred pricing and our on going commitmet to ensure your website and it’s content is regularly reviewed and documented.